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          Liquid Stir Equipment
        1. High Shear Lab Mixers
        2. Batch High Shear Mixers (Industrial)
        3. Removable Crane
        4. Inline High-shear Mixers
        5. Jet-flow Mixing Machine
        6. High Speed Dispersers
        7. Portable Mixer
        8. Impeller Process Technology
        9. Mix Tanks & Vessels
        10. ME-300 Series Baffle-plate Disperse
        11. Colloid Wet Milling Machine
          HLD Series Solid-liquid Continuous Disperser Machine
        13. HLD Series Solid-liquid Continuous Disperser Machine
          Dope Blender
        15. Vertical Blenders
        16. Multi-function Blender
        17. SH-Double Planetary Blender
        18. Liquid-pressure Extrusion Machine
          Powder Mixer
        20. DRB Ribbon Mixer
        21. VSM Vertical Ribbon Mixer
        22. WZ Agravic mixer
        23. DL Screw Cone Mixers
        24. LDH Colter Mixer
        25. w-shape Mixer
        26. SYH Series Three Dimensional Mixer
        27. HF Series Square-tape Mixer
          QSH Series Steam-water Mixer
        29. QSH Series Steam-water Mixer
          Static Mixer
        31. Introduction
        32. SV-static Mixer
        33. SK-static Mixer
        34. SX-static Mixer
        35. SL-static Mixer
        36. SH-static Mixer
        37. SN-Distributors
          Pipeline Filte
        39. Introduction
        40. Y-shape Filter
        41. T-shape Filter
        42. Basket-shape Filter
        43. Temporary filter
        44. Gas Filter
        45. Bag Fine Filter
            The Qidong Hunlong Mixer Co., Ltd. is located in the coastal open city on the north bank of Yangtze entrance---Qidong City in Jiangsu province, which is just 70 kilometers from the biggest harbor in the north of Yangtze. It is also just 53 kilometers from the Shanghai harbor.
          Our equipment is the first choice for mixers, blenders, dryers and dispersion equipment. Hunlong Mixer Co., Ltd. has a world class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery. Our products mainly include high shear lab mixers, solid-liquid continuous disperser machine, dope blender, powder mixer, steam-water mixer, static mixer and filter, which are composed of emulsion machine, static mixer, steam-water mixer, high-speed dispersing machine; our applications have been referred to so many areas, such as pharmaceutical, food, feed, chemical, fine chemicals, pesticide, pigments, medicine, asphaltum, paper pulp disperse, rubber, plastic, cosmetic and more.
          Our catalog is as follows:

          Dope ( Common Terms)
          Dope Equipment
          Dope Mixer
          Dope processing equipment

          Filters (Common Terms)
          Pipeline Filter
          Y-shape Filter
          T-shape Filter
          Basket-shape Filter
          Temporary filter
          Gas Filter
          Bag Fine Filter

          Pesticide (Common Terms)
          Pesticide processing equipment
          Pesticide dry equipment
          Pulverization Equipment
          Pesticide Mixer

          (Common Terms)

          Pharmaceutical Equipment
          Drugs manufacture & equipment
          Pharmaceutical dry equipment
          Pharmaceutical Mixer
          Pharmaceutical dispersing machine

          Printing ink
          ( Common Terms)
          Printing ink Equipment
          Printing ink
          Printing ink processing equipment

          (Common Terms)
          Cosmetic Equipment
          Cosmetic Mixer
          Cosmetic processing equipment

          Sand mortar mixer
          (Common Terms)

          Sand mortar Mixer
          Sand mortar Mixer Equipment

          Oil paint
          (Common Terms)

          Oil paint Equipment
          Oil paint Mixer Equipment
          Oil paint processing equipment
          Oil paint Mixer
          Oil paint dispersing machine

          Food ( Common Terms)
          Food Mixer
          Food mixing machine
          Food emulsifying machine
          Food processing equipment
          Food dispersing machine

          (Common Terms)

          Asphalt equipment
          Asphalt mixing equipment
          Asphalt mixing machine
          Modified asphalt mixing equipment
          Modified asphalt mixing machine
          Modified asphalt mixer
          Emulsified Asphalt mixing equipment

          Mixer (Common Terms)
          Steam-water mixer
          Static mixer

          Dispersing machine (Common Terms)
          High-speed dispersing machine
          Dispersing machine
          Lab dispersing machine
          High shear emulsifying and dispersing machines

          The following three main types are under research:
          Liquid Mixer Powder Mixer Dope Mixer
            Our company is an integrated enterprise, which mainly consists of technological research and produce departments. Abundant financial support, perfect testing system and high professional quality research group can ensure high quality and innovation of our production. And our applications have been referred to so many areas.
          Our service objective: All for Customer
          Sticking to the management concept of ^Advanced Technology, Quality and Service ̄, we are committed to providing customer with quick responses, reliable quality, perfect services and competitive prices.

          We prefer to design and produce the production according to customer¨s request
          Qidong Hunlong Mixer Co., Ltd.
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          Code 226200  E-mail: webmaster@hlhhsb.com